Manor House Care Home St Hilary

“You will feel the difference when you walk through the door”

At The Manor House we believe you will see the difference in our approach to caring the minute you walk through the door. We have been independent and family run for more than 30 years, and are proud to have achieved a reputation for excellence in nursing care. We always try to meet each of our residents particular tastes and preferences to ensure their happiness and provide a home away from home.

We are proud to be different from other care homes, and would love you to see that for yourself. The Manor always welcomes visitors, but if you would like to see what we have to offer, you can arrange to meet with the manager at your convenience.

“The staff are wonderful, kind and thoughtful. You get lots of care, without the intrusion.”

Sally, resident

“If you have to be away from home, you can’t get much better than this.”

Nina, resident

“The view is lovely! It’s different from other places, I have the freedom to live my life as I want.”

Phyllis, resident